math problem solver

Matamicus is a math problem solver

Matamicus is an online math problem solver. It solves math problems and produces step-by-step solutions with explanations. Each solution is consisted of a sequence of steps. The steps are described by mathematical expressions and explanations. Matamicus helps high school and college students to improve their problem solving skills.

On this web site you can find several examples and their solutions produced by Matamicus. If you want to try out the solver: create an account, login and start solving problems. You can use the solver for free (see: Some advantages of Matamicus ).

The scope of the solver

The program is primarily intended for high school and college students. The areas of mathematics covered by the program are:

  • Algebra
  • Trigonometry
  • Complex numbers
  • Calculus (derivatives and integrals)

Matamicus can solve several types of math problems. They are listed below.

  • expression - simplify
  • expression - factor
  • relation - solve
  • system of relations - solve

You can examine some of the examples presented on this site and after that you can try out the solver for yourself.

Some advantages of Matamicus

Some advantages of Matamicus are listed below.

  • Capable solver. Within the scope of the program, the solver is relatively capable. It means that it can successfully solve a wide range of math problems.
  • User-friendly. Matamicus WebSolver is a user-friendly solver. It is easy to learn to use it. It also includes help pages with many examples.
  • Free solver. You can use the solver for free.