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This page contains several examples of math problems and their solutions with steps. The examples illustrate the sort of problems that Matamicus can solve and the solutions it produces. More difficult problems (with longer solutions) are not included here. In order to learn more about the capabilities of Matamicus, please try it out for yourself.

To see the solution of a problem, just click on the problem.

Examples - algebra

Example-A1 Example-A2
Example-A3 Example-A4
Example-A5 Example-A6
Example-A7 Example-A8
Example-A9 Example-A10
Example-A11 Example-A12

Examples - trigonometry

Example-B1 Example-B2
Example-B3 Example-B4
Example-B5 Example-B6
Example-B7 Example-B8
Example-B9 Example-B10

Examples - calculus

Example-C1 Example-C2
Example-C3 Example-C4
Example-C5 Example-C6
Example-C7 Example-C8
Example-C9 Example-C10
Example-C11 Example-C12
Example-C13 Example-C14
Example-C15 Example-C16
Example-C17 Example-C18
Example-C19 Example-C20
Example-C21 Example-C22